Briefly about
Myriad Infosolutions
(while the new site is being developed)

Myriad Infosolutions is an IT Solutions firm headquartered at Chandigarh, India. Initially into computer education, corporate training and Desk Top Publishing since 1994 (known as Ada Computer Education at that time), it was restructured and re-christened as Myriad Infosolutions in 2005 to reflect the vast catalogue of knowledge and experience based solutions now being offered. It also reflects keeping up with time and technology which has reinvented itself in the last decade and a half. From MS-DOS based mono (text) based software running on 10-100Mhz computers, to cloud based mobile oriented video streaming and automated, condition controlled manufacturing unit automation solutions, It has been a privilege to serve clients successfully worldwide. Absolutely nothing in the world compares to the smiles and happiness we see in our customers' faces and office environments in the end.

Sure, contact us of you're having an arrogant problem that is not getting identified or resolved by others. We're really keen to take up such challenges. Even if there is no problem, maybe we can help you reduce the headache by streamlining and consequently increasing productivity...

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